Noreco works on the principle that accidents and injuries can be avoided through systematic risk management. The work to prevent major accidents and injuries to personnel demand knowledge and involvement from both our employees and partners.

Major accidents

To control the potential for major accidents, Noreco has established a general practice to identify and follow up on risk related to our business. Noreco has established an Enterprise Risk Register that covers both projects and the general company level. Here, risks are categorised, and measures to reduce risk have been identified and distribute to the responsible leaders. This way, we maintain control of the risk our employees and Noreco as a company are exposed to.

Noreco works to reduce major accident risk through industrial collaborations, in own operations and in the partnerships where we are represented.

Noreco participates in a number of industry networks within health, environment and safety, and are represented in several selected work groups in The Norwegian Oil and Gas association and in Oil & Gas Denmark.

Safe operations

Noreco has performed drilling operations on the Norwegian and Danish continental shelf.

The drilling operations to date have been performed without serious incidents. We are humble to the fact that good safety results are something we need to work for every day, and can never take for granted.