Members of the nomination committee


The Nomination Committee currently consists of the following members:

Richard Sjøqvist (Chair)

Richard Sjøqvist is a Norwegian citizen residing in Norway. He is a board member and partner in the lawfirm BA-HR DA.

Contact information:

Telephone +47 952 03 755 / +47 22 01 68 03, e-mail  

Kristian Utkilen

Utkilen has experience as Board secretary with Mustad Industries, and from Norske Shell/Shell International where he held different positions. He has mainly worked with natural gas projects (e.g. Troll, Ormen Lange ), field development, infrastructure projects, management, sale of gas to Europe etc. As a consultant, he managed the work for Shell, Statoil and Lyse in connection with the development of a research centre for Gas and Energy in Stavanger, Energiparken in Risavika. Utkilen works as a consultant in connection with third world development projects.